Rebase Aggregator Capital

Rebase Aggregator Capital is the first Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) in Crypto that focuses on Protocols that utilize Automatic Staking and Automatic Compounding feature with positive rebase mechanism.

Rebase Aggregator Capital utilizes a Double Passive Reward System to its users - Rebase Treasury Dividends and Passive Reflection Rewards. This system is a supplementary mechanism as they support each other which is the key to the sustainability of REACT.

REACT is a collection of multiple protocols where a treasury is used to buy shares while the yields are distributed to holders as dividends. Aside from yields, holders are also rewarded a portion of the buy and sell transaction taxes through reflections in native Avalanche Token (AVAX) and has the option to claim in different Rebase Token that the treasury holds or compound the rewards to buy more REACT tokens with 0% buy tax.

REACT aims to provide a smooth and easy experience for its users through efficient methods to run the project.

Distribution of yields and reflection rewards are handled automatically by the REACTor - a smart contract that facilitates automatic distribution. These are then deposited to your REACT Dividend Tracker and users can check their balances through our dashboard in our website.

REACT token has a max supply and will be deflationary through automated buyback and burn every time the Rebase Treasury yields are distributed to holders. There will no more tokens added into circulation and naturally the circulating supply will only go lower and lower. Scarcity to drive the price action consistently upwards.

REACT token also acts as the governance token which are used to vote for proposals that would bring changes to the project. The number of held REACT token defines the weight of a users vote. Simply put, more tokens means more voting power.

REACT token will also be the medium of exchange for the upcoming REACT Games - a series of traditional games incorporated into DeFi. This adds a variety of utility and another deflationary mechanism to REACT token.

Rebase Aggregator Capital also maximizes the use of automatic liquidity injection from each buy and sell transaction. This feature helps the project as a cushion from price volatility. The bigger liquidity pool, the better the price moves and will lead to a healthier chart. The team acknowledges that users are visual thus the implementation of this feature.

Rebase Aggregator Capital is an investment entity. Through our influence as a project and the community behind it, REACT seeks for investment opportunities on upcoming and successful rebase protocols. Experience the power with REACT! Get diversified exposure to successful and upcoming Automatic Staking and Automatic Compounding protocols across different blockchains with one token. Earn dividends. Earn reflection rewards.

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