Know how the concept behind Rebase Aggregator Capital was formulated.

Why is conceptualization important to make a successful project? Conceptualization leads to better clarity while creating a project from scratch. It provides road map to progress and verify the outcome of the project. Project questions, objectives, gaps and hypothesis can be mapped on the conceptual framework. It also helps in operation and management of the variables.

The Basics

Since Titano - an automatic staking and automatic compounding protocol that utilizes positive rebase mechanism, the space has seen a lot of innovations with the original concept. Others offers higher Fixed APY, additional reflection rewards through other tokens or additional utilities that uses the native token as a medium of exchange.

The Problem

A lot of protocols rise and launch on a daily basis. It is hard for an individual to keep track of everything and manage each investment. Looking after a new project requires time and effort to do research. Individuals also tend to miss a lot of opportunities as more projects launch everyday.

Overexposure on projects pose a high risk on an individual's capital. That's why most prefer their investment to be diversified on different protocols to minimize risk of capital loss.

The Solution

Rebase Aggregator Capital is here to solve these concerns through the REACT token.

The REACT token aims to provide the service of doing research and vetting protocols on behalf of its users, even though nobody can predict what may happen in a protocol's future. The research team of REACT focuses on the protocol's initial research in a user's safety and contract vulnerability/audit standpoint.

REACT also solves the problem of overexposure or even underexposure on a certain protocol. The project invests on the user's behalf and the held REACT tokens of the user represents a share of the total investment. The research team also manages purchased assets and applies yield optimization techniques for maximum returns.

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