Know what innovative features Rebase Aggregator Capital offers to its users.

Why do we need to innovate? The successful exploitation of new ideas is crucial to a project being able to improve its processes, bring new and improved products and services to market, increase its efficiency and, most importantly, improve its profitability.

Native Network Token Reflections

Instead of reflections in native tokens - REACT, uses are rewarded with native network token such as AVAX for the Avalanche Network by holding REACT tokens in their wallets.

The reason behind this is to prevent the gap between holders that naturally widen if reflections are paid in native tokens due to the nature of the contract that rewards users with bigger percentage of holding a larger amount of allocation. This attract users to purchase REACT tokens or compound rewards for more REACT tokens if a users wants more rewards through reflections. This creates buy pressure and with the incentive on compounding rewards with 0% buy tax.

Claim Reflections in Different Native Rebase Tokens

REACT allows claiming of reflection rewards in different native automatic staking and automatic compounding protocol native tokens. Are you bullish on a certain project? Hit up the REACT team to add them as an option for claiming your reflection rewards.

Rebase Treasury

A certain percentage of each buy and sell transaction is collected as tax and sent to the treasury. The Rebase treasury is the feature of the project that invests in existing and upcoming rebase protocols. This acts both as an investment and security to users as the research team do the due diligence and initial investment processes on their behalf.


The REACT token acts as the governance token which are used to vote for proposals that would bring changes to the project. The number of REACT tokens held define the weight of a user's vote. Simply put, more tokens means more voting power. The REACT token also enables implementation of on-chain governance through the utilization of a third party application - Snapshot.org Decisions that shape the project are voted upon on by REACT token holders where the weight of their votes rely on their percentage of holding. The team values an open relationship between themselves and the community regarding project changes and their implementations.

Efficient Buyback and Burn Mechanism

The REACT token has a max supply and will be deflationary through automated buyback and burn every time the Rebase Treasury yields are distributed to holders. No more tokens will be added into circulation and naturally, the circulating supply will only go lower and lower. Scarcity will drive the price action consistently upwards. The efficiency of the buyback and burn mechanism lies in the concept of using rebase rewards to initialize the buybacks and burns. To put it simply, the funds to initiate these actions come in externally and pour into the project, much unlike the usual manner of using internal funds coming from taxes to fund the buyback and burn. Added on top is the automated process of doing so.

Automatic Liquidity Pool Injection

Rebase Aggregator Capital also maximizes the use of automatic liquidity injection from each buy and sell transaction.

This feature helps the project as a cushion from price volatility. The bigger liquidity pool, the better the price moves and will lead to a healthier chart.

The team acknowledges that majority of users are visual, thus the implementation of this feature allows a better response stimuli from them.


A fully function dApp where a user can do anything that concerns the use of the project without leaving the website.

A dashboard that tracks the Dividend Tracker balance of users and display them. Users can also interact with the dApp to claim their rewards with ease and not going the trouble of doing it through direct interaction with smart contracts.

The dApp will also showcase important metrics for REACT. Such as - price, circulating market capitalization, circulating supply, number of REACT token holders.

The dApp also contains the chart and directly trade REACT tokens through integration of DEX swap.

A ROI Calculator that users can play the values with to have an idea or estimate in mind considering certain parameters.

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