Rebase Rewards Breakdown

Rebase rewards accumulated from investments on different rebase protocols are claimed every three (3) days. The claimed rebase rewards are broken down into:

5% Performance Fee 10% Buyback and Burn REACT Tokens 15% Compounded back to Initials 70% Distributed to REACT Token holders

Distribution of yields are handled automatically by the REACTor - a smart contract that facilitates automatic distribution. These are then deposited to your REACT Dividend Tracker and users can check their balances through our dashboard in our website.

Rebase rewards are initially distributed in AVAX tokens. Users can claim their rewards on the dashboard and have multiple options to choose from: a. Claim rewards in the native Avalanche Network token (AVAX) b. Claim rewards in the native Rebase Protocol token of your choice (i.e. OTO, AURA, etc.) c. Compound rewards for more REACT tokens with 0% buy tax incentive.

The amount of rewards a user receives every three days is linearly proportional to their percentage of REACT token holding against the circulating supply [ subtracted from the circulating supply is the amount of token held by the Liquidity Pool, Developer Wallet, Marketing Wallet, and the Rebase Treasury ]

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